After years of experience in the Wedding industry.

We bring you Affordable Couture and Budget Friendly Bridal Options

Welcome to Lyndsey Roberts Bridal Collection

We at Lyndsey Roberts, have created a one of a kind Bridal Dress Shop right here in South Daytona, FL. We feature our own label of dresses offering you better prices, a greater variety, and designer quality. We do cary some designers in stock as well as stock gowns. We have our Signature Line which offerers you affordable Couture. Our Classic Line offers dresses 599-2600 in a variety of styles and colors. We also have our Budget Line (for the budget cautious bride) with a range of dresses from $99-598. The Opulent Collection ranges from 2800-7000 in house and up to 15,000 custom ordered. And don't forget about our great sales and specials! WE MAKE CUSTOM DRESSES!


What Sizes do you carry?

~ We offer dresses custom made to fit any size, but in our showroom we offer sizes 2-32 in zip up and lace up.


Do I need to make an appointment?

~ Appointments are preferred, but walk-ins are welcome. When you set an appointment we have time to set up the showroom to fit the amount of guest you will be bringing. We always celebrate with you and your guest when you find your perfect dress. Upgraded packages available with prepaid non refundable deposit. If we know ahead of time it helps us get the wine, champagne, or sparkling juice ready. (yes you can bring your own)


What should I bring with me?

~ If you plan on walking barefoot on the beach or wearing 6" heals, don't forget to bring them or something close so that you can judge how the dress will fall to the floor. If you know you want to wear specific undergarments, please bring those with you. 


Who should I bring with me?

~ We know it’s the most important dress you’ll ever wear, and you want to make sure it’s absolutely perfect. But having 10 different opinions makes it much harder to come to a consensus, and it can bring you farther away from what you actually want. Most brides do best with just their mom and maybe a sister or best friend, they generally have the brides best interest at heart and not just what they want the bride to wear. "to many cooks in the kitchen" Girls will often bring their entourage back for their dress choice reveal.


Should I do my hair and makeup?

~ A lot of brides feel self-conscious since they are the one on parade. I do recommend throwing your hair up or down similar to how you may want to wear it. If you feel better with light makeup on or none, than feel free to do so. When I personally try on cloths I always feel better about myself when I have makeup on and my hair slightly fixed. Be aware that self tanner can stain and ruin dresses, we appreciate if you wait to spray till after your consult.


Do I order these dresses or do I buy off the rack?

~ We do have dresses that you can buy off the rack. Most of our dresses can be made to fit any size by our design house. We can also order you almost anything, or have one custom made to be the perfect dress. Some dresses have a quick turn around time while others that are hand beaded can take three months or more so remember this when you order. All gowns are non refundable once purchased.


Do you sell Bridesmaid Dresses ?

~ Yes!... in a variety of colors, style, and materials to fit all budges and sizes of your bridesmaids. Most bridesmaid dresses range from 80-175. We also carry Flower girls, Little Divas, Mother of the brides, Junior bridesmaids, Receptions gowns and more!


Return Policy

ALL sales are final and cannot be canceled at the point of purchase.

Unfortunately, due to the special nature of our merchandise, we are unable to accommodate refunds or exchanges under any circumstances. Once an order is placed, our vendors are also unable to cancel, make changes, or modify any order. Before placing your order, please be sure of the style, color, material, size, and any other specifications before you submit your order. The submission of any order fully acknowledges your agreements to these Terms & Conditions. Deposits and all payments are non-refundable.


Custom order dresses are ordered to fit your body measurements and may need final tailoring. You understand that there is no returns or refunds. We also cannot guarentee delivery times. Please allow plenty of time before your event to allow for shipping and possiable alterations which would be an additional cost to you. Rush shipping is additional and not guarenteed.  You understand that if you loose or gain weight and the dress no longer fits, you are still responsable for the total purchase price. Alterations are not include. By paying a deposit you also agree to these terms. If you decide to "call in" measurements not taken by us, you assume responsability that these are accurate. We recomend ordering larger and having a seamstress taylor it to your body. Lace up styles also give you size variation options.